The Public Health Act of 2008 mandates that every Local Public Health agency in the state of Colorado perform a community health assessment every 5 years. Based on the needs identified in that assessment, we are required to develop an Improvement Plan that addresses those needs. Community Health Services, Inc., as the local public health agency for Pitkin County, performed its’ Community Health Assessment in 2012 and the Pitkin County Board of Health reviewed and approved the Plan in February 2013.  The health priorities were selected based on community health data and the capacity and will of community partners to address these topics. The issues that were identified include:
1. Assessing the needs of the growing senior population
2. Radon Awareness and protective actions including radon testing and mitigation
3. Pathways to Health – improving access and affordability of health care services
4. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
5. Building internal capacity of Community Health Services to deliver the Core Public Health Services
Public Health’s role will be to monitor the progress of the initiatives already underway, develop new strategies with community partners, facilitate the implementation of those strategies and examine future data to measure improvements.