Board of Directors

Amy Behrhorst, PA

Jan Koorn 

Mark Devlin 

Kimberly Levin, MD, MPH, Aspen Valley Hospital & VVH 
Melanie Richard, Rocky Mountain Institute
Sarah Oates, Esq, Lawyer 
Robin Strecker, RN, Aspen School District  
Linda Consuegra, City of Aspen Assistant Cheif of Police
Marty Ames, Retired Nonprofit Leader  
Hazzell Chevez, Eagle County Public Health, CLC
Rachel Brown, DDS
Joanna Ryback, Retired Public Health Professional 

A nonprofit’s governing body is responsible for defining the organization’s mission and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization. Each nonprofit board should – 1. Actively set policy and see that the organization has adequate resources to carry out its mission; 2. Provide oversight and direction for the chief executive and be responsible for evaluating their performance; and 3. Evaluate its own effectiveness as a governing body and as representatives of the community in upholding the public interest served by the organization. 

A nonprofit organization should strive toward board representation that reflects the organization’s constituents and the community it serves. In addition, board members should value diversity and understand the role of participation and inclusion in the effectiveness of the organization.