Price Transparency

Community Health Services is committed to providing transparent pricing so patients can make informed decisions. Please use the estimated pricing as a guide but understand that costs may vary. Regardless, if you are uninsured or under-insured, you will not be denied services. Payments listed are estimated gross charges – the full price before any insurance or sliding fee scales are applied. Whereas prices are the same for all patients, final charges will vary depending on health insurance provider costs, individual insurance plans, and patient’s benefit plan.

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Statement of Financial Responsibility

Services at CHS could require patient financial responsibility on your part and obligates you to ensure payment in full of our fees. We work hard to acquire grants so that we can offer discounts to the community. However, you are ultimately responsible for the payment of your bill if there is a balance. 

Some lab tests or procedures may not be covered by the program. If you have a referral to another healthcare provider you will assume responsibility for paying for that care. 

CHS will provide a patient balance statement at the end of your visit. Payment or a payment plan will be expected within 30 days. 

clients with Medical Insurance

Please learn about which insurance we accept here, it is your responsibility to know your coverage and benefits. You are responsible for payments and deductibles and co-payments as determined by your insurance carrier. 

CHS will provide a patient balance statement at the end of the visit and also mail you one to your primary. Payment or a payment plan will be expected within 30 days. 

Effective July 2022, Colorado Medicaid has two limited benefit plans that cover family planning and family planning-related services for eligible individuals who do not qualify for full Medicaid coverage!

Emergency Medicaid Services (EMS)

Family Planning Limited Benefit Plan (FAMPL)

Sliding Fee Discount Program

Sliding Fee discount program is based on the current year federal poverty guidelines (Download Family Planning Gross Family Income Guidelines)

During the new patient eligibility process, you may be assigned a Fee Code on the Sliding Fee Scale based on your income and family size, according to a calculation based on current Federal Poverty Guidelines.

The discounted fees cover many services except for certain laboratory services Medications/Prescriptions are assigned a discounted fee based on cost to Community Health Services. 

Prenatal Package

Timely prenatal, delivery and postpartum care are essential for the health of women and their babies. Community Health Provides prenatal care through a partnership with All Valley Women’s Care and Eagle County Public Health.


Emergency Medicaid members can now get coverage for 12 months after their pregnancy ends.

To receive coverage, members must declare that they are pregnant through their PEAK account in one of the following ways:

  • The free Health First Colorado app
  • CHP+ members can call 800-359-1991 (State Relay: 711). Help is available in multiple languages.
  • County department of human services.
  • Two ultrasounds
  • Patient laboratories
  • Patient navigation
  • Vaccines
  • Dental screening
  • Dental cleaning
  • Cover the cost for the delivery at Aspen Valley Hospital and postpartum visit at 6 or 8 weeks.


Pay within first 30 days = $300 discount

Full payment required before delivery 

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Patients aged 18 and under can be seen without fees. CHS may have free tests available at time of visit.

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