Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Types of Screenings

Community Health Services offers education, screening and confidential treatment for sexually transmitted infections. We accept commercial insurance as well as offer a sliding fee scale. Please reference the price list for current expected fees/cost associated with testing and treatment options.



Genital Herpes


Expedited Partner Therapy

Test Yourself Free Tests Available By Mail


If you are diagnosed with an STD at our clinic, sometimes you will get treatment during your visit. If you find out later that one of your results was positive and you need treatment, you can come back to our clinic for medications. You can also visit your primary care provider for STD treatment.

Preventing cancer is better than treating it

HPV can cause several kinds of cancer. Only cervical cancer can be detected early with a screening test. The other cancers caused by HPV may not be detected until they are more serious. HPV vaccination prevents infections that cause these cancers.
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