Dental Oral Health

Oral Health is Whole Health

Our dental programs provide quality preventive oral healthcare from Aspen to Parachute that includes the newest therapies to treat and prevent oral diseases.

  • Therapeutic Dental Cleaning
  • Periodontal Exam
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Caries Prevention and Treatment

We assist clients in finding a dental home, refer clients for dental needs and help find financial assistance when possible.

We partner with Garfield County on all our dental programs.

Smiles for Students

A team of licensed dental hygienists visits Garfield County elementary and middle schools once per year. Students conveniently receive care in school during the school day. The schedule of schools varies from year to year. Check with your school to see when Smiles is coming. Services are provided at no cost to the school or families. Medicaid/CHP+ may be billed.

Smiles for Seniors

This low-cost program provides adults aged 60 and over with oral evaluations, oral cancer screenings, therapeutic dental cleanings, fluoride varnishes, silver diamine fluoride, oral health education, and treatment referrals. The focus is to provide quality preventative care for seniors from Aspen to Parachute and to connect them with a dental home. Call 970-920-5420 for an appointment.

Bright Start Smiles

Operating in various locations throughout the valley, licensed dental hygienists provide preventative oral health care to pregnant women and young children 0-6 years old. No cost. Medicaid/CHP+ may be billed. Services include an oral evaluation (without X-rays), therapeutic dental cleaning, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride varnish, silver diamine fluoride, referral, and assistance finding a dental home. Call 970-920-5420 for an appointment or consult with your WIC provider for a referral.


Complete a virtual dental screening with a dental hygienist over your phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your own home. No cost. Medicaid/CHP+ may be billed. The provider will talk with you about any dental concerns you have, give brushing & flossing advice, discuss healthy foods, and how to prevent, stop, and fix cavities and gum disease. Call 970-920-5420 for an appointment.

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